Monday, April 21, 2008

Who is this site for?

The original audience for the website was a small group of active VITA volunteers in Santa Clara County. Set up originally to act as an announcement page from the IRS VITA Coordinator, its scope expanded to taking online registrations of interested volunteers and site preferences, and emailing the information to the IRS VITA Coordinator.

Since there was a registration page, potential volunteers from all over the United States registered to get more information about the program, contact information, etc which was not available to the webmaster. So a separate page was set up for non-Santa Clara County volunteers, and enquiries forwarded to the IRS. Visitor traffic to the site increased, and the cities from which volunteers signed up is shown on the home page of the site.

The information turned out also to be relevant t0 visitors not interested in volunteering, but in using the services provided by the volunteers. Others had simple questions and requests for forms, all of which the webmaster could not answer individually, so the vita-information Yahoo!Group was set up as an announcement group to which people could subscribe.

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