Sunday, February 24, 2008

Launch of VITA Volunteer Site Coordinators Feed

Feb 24 2008: Purpose of this feed is to publish tips and tricks that help the survival of VITA Site Coordinators. Content comes from observing what happens in the trenches of vounteer VITA sites rather than from the rarefied atmospheres in the upper reaches of the ivory towers of the organization. As such the content is of a practical nature on what is successful to get the work done, keeping in mind that the ideal is to have excellent quality of output for the site.

Tips come from Site Coordinators. If there is a tip, trick or comment you would like to share, this is a perfect way to share it among the other VITA Coordinators facing similar problems.

While it says Coordinators, it is expected to include information for the Efile Transmitters using TaxWise as well.

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